Retro cafe in Kochkor as a successful business case

Small and Medium Business

After completing her higher education, Burul Ishekeeva worked as a Head Chief Technologist. After the collapse of the Soviet Union she decided to start her own business so she can earn more money to feed her children. In 1996, she rented one of the dining rooms located in the center of the rural district and continued its activities. To secure the initial capital for the business, she took a loan from the Kyrgyz Agricultural Financial Corporation. Then, in 1997, she privatized the buildingand turned it into her own cafe. Since she had previous experience in the industry she fully understood what she needed to do and the type of work involved. After five to six years of running the business, she began to notice new customer demands and new competitors entering the market and so decided to upgrade the cafe. She took out a loan from the Ayil Bank and used her own savings to do a complete overhaul of the cafe, updating the space and furniture.

During this time, two of her sons had grown up and she arranged for them to study in Bishkek and paid for their education. The eldest son Nurdin, after graduation, arrived in Kochkor and got a job in a microfinance institution. Because he grew up under the influence of his mother, he is well versed in business and decided to open his owntravel agency called "Nomad travel".

“The first loan that we took from the First MicroFinance Company, we spent to replace the windows and doors of our house. But our second loan was used to repair the roof of the cafe building. The credit that FMFC provides is very comfortable for us, as a small amount of credit can be taken individually, without collateral and with a low interest rate” Burul said. The location of the cafe and travel agency is conveniently located for tourists travelling to Naryn to access travel services and stop for a good place to eat.

Noting the needs of the tourists, Nurdin decided to take another loan from FMFC to buy a coffee machine so they could offer varioustypes of coffee. Currently, they offer many types of coffee (espresso, cappuccino, latte, mocha, hot chocolate, cocoa) to the whole village of Kochkor.

Then, to renew the furniture and repair the outside stairs of the café, they took a loan amounting to 350 000 KGS through theADB Women's Entrepreneurship product. Now, the joint business with her son is growing, Burul recently had a wedding for her younger son and Nurdin just opened a paintball club, a novelty in Kochkor.

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