Responsibility comes first

Small and Medium Business

Erkinali Diyarovhas taken a loan from the First MicroFinance Company four times, and is one of the best and most responsible clients of the Company. He is living in Osh oblast, in the village of Chagyr with his beloved wife and children.

Like many others Erkinalis family was having difficulties, and his low salary prompted the idea for him to start his own business. So in March of this year Erkinali took his most recent loan from the First MicroFinance Companyand purchased a Mercedes Benz bus so he could start a transportation business. Before starting his business, he obtained all the information and legal documents he required, and paid great attention to all the details involved in taking his first steps.

“Considering that there are a lot of people waiting for the buses, and they are usually late to their destination, I wanted to buy a Mercedes Benz bus using the loan I took from FMCC” says Erkinali Diyarov.

He is also engaged in cattle breeding, however because he has some free time and his children began to go to school, he decided to start the business and has been seeing great success.

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