The long-awaited greenhouse


At 59 years old, Mashirapova Izatkan Karabaevna lives in the village of Kara Teyit of Chon-Alai region with her family. This region is located at an altitude of 2400 m above sea level and has a long and dry winter season.Temperatures drop to negative 40 degrees Celsius in the winter and reach 30-35 degrees in the summer. 

Due to the mountainous location of their village the family has been engaged in farming and animal husbandry. Since 2009, this family has been closely co-operating with FMFC. Mashirapovahas taken loans four times for the use of development of her family’s animal husbandry activities. The proximity of their village to the pastures helped to quickly develop their cattle breeding. In the end, they were able to increase their number of cattle from 6 to 18  . 

Later they thought about the difficulties of employment in agriculture, more precisely the fact that winter comes early, spring comes late and the fact that people engaged mainly in the cultivation of potatoes, cabbage, carrots, etc. which they only harvest once a year. That’s why Mashirapova, after learning the techniques of growing vegetables and fruits, decided with her family to construct a greenhouse. Over the course of a year they had fully constructed their first greenhouse and planted tomatoes. They planted on the 13th of September and gathered their first harvest on December 1st. On October 4th, 2016, they took a loan from the First MicroFinance Company under the EBRD Women's Entrepreneurship Development Program for 100 000 kgs for a period of 12 months with an interest rate of 24 % to build a second greenhouse. FMFC’s money allowed them to buy thermofilms and other necessary materials. The 20x7 meter greenhouse is already ready for use and they are intending to grow cucumbers inside of it. The total cost for this greenhouse was approximately 386 000 KGS. 

The greenhouse was built according to a Chinese method where the back side is raised 3 m with a stone wall. The stone collects energy from the sun during the daytime, and distributes the heat during the night. This method helps to save on electrical energy for heating. Additionally, the greenhouse is equipped with drip irrigation. 

At a time when the weather outside is minus 25-40 degrees, inside the greenhouse the temperature is plus 20-35 degrees Celsius. The technology has allowed the family to grow during the coldest months of the year without the use of chemical fertilizers, which makes their food attractive to the residents of the area, kindergartens and schools who have started to buy from them.

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