Dream house for the whole family

KyrSEFF loans

Sydyk Nyshanov: “With the beginning of construction of a new home for my family, I really wanted to make it warm, bright and snug. When I shared my plans with loan officers of the First Microfinance Company, they told me about the special loan product “Dream House” with an opportunity to receive a grant that covers most of the interest payments. It was a very cost-effective decision, I built up the budget, collected all documents and received a loan for insulation of the house.

During heat insulation work, I paid a lot of attention to the quality of construction works. I insulated the brick walls with Penoplex, which protects brickwork from atmospheric actions, protecting bricks from dampness and premature deterioration, and also increases the internal temperature of the building by an average of 5 degrees.

For the loan funds I purchased and installed 4-chamber windows and doors with 2-layer glazed PVC. Their main function is heat saving up to 25%: plastic windows provide an ideal thermal insulation - the temperature near the inner glass does not fall below + 20C. To insulate the floor, I used materials from OSB sheets with 5 cm thick foam plastics.

The natural base of OSB sheets protects the coating from moisture, which reduces the heat loss up to 25%. During thermal insulation of the ceiling, an air layer was provided between the roof and the heater that protects the heat-insulating layer from penetration of water vapor due to the difference in vapor pressures at the cold surface and in the environment, which also reduces heat loss by 20-25%.

Energy efficient LED-based lighting in the house reduced electricity costs, in addition, the LEDs do not have heater filaments, and they are not damaged by mechanical actions, unlike usual lightbulbs. Thanks to all these energy-efficient solutions, I managed to do more that I initially intended to do.

And the most pleasant part is that for the successfully implemented project on house insulation, our family received a grant from the KyrSEFF program in the amount of 20% of the total loan amount.

My family is very happy with the new house that was built with love and using modern technology. Now it is a really warm house. Grandchildren play on the floor even in the cold season with no worries. With the coming of cold weather, there is a noticeable saving in fuel (coal, firewood) and electricity.

Everyone who has been thinking about insulating their homes for a long time, I recommend using an advantageous loan from the First Microfinance Company and living out a dream of an ideal home”, Sadyk said.

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