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Asatilla Zairovich is the owner of a popular chaykhana in Kurshab. However, the chaykhana was not big, but guests who wished to taste his delicious pilaf was growing. So he decided to expand the chaykhana by building one more building nearby.

As a client of the First Microfinance Company for 5 years, he told the company’s loan officers about his plans and learned about “Effective Business” loan.

One of the intended purposes of the loan is construction and reconstruction of business premises to improve the energy and resource efficiency of buildings. Astatilla Zairovich used energy-saving materials in the construction of the new building: mineral wool and a breather construction film to insulate walls, floor and ceiling allowed him to reduce heat loss by 25-30%, because the film protects the walls from the effects of steam, moisture and wind.

He chose and installed energy-saving windows, which by creating an ideal microclimate significantly reduce the loss of energy and heat by 20-25%.

The decision to install steam heating using a new certified commercial furnace turned out to be very profitable: coal consumption decreased by 30-40% compared to the previous year. And the most convenient: Asatilla Zairovich’s house is now heated alongside with the chaykhana

. Guests who visited the chaykhana right after the end of construction were very pleased, because the warmth in the cold season is an important factor in any person comfort. Now instead of 6, there are 14 rooms in the chaykhana with all amenities.

The number of chaykhana guests increased by 20-30%, which immediately had an impact on the increase of revenues. In addition, Asatilla Zairovich created additional jobs: four people work in the chaykhana on a permanent basis, and up to 8 people work in warm season.

And the most important bonus: the intended use of the loan in compliance with all the conditions of the Kyrseff program allowed Asatilla Zairovich to receive a grant of 15% of the total loan amount from our partner Kyrseff - Sustainable Energy Financing Program in Kyrgyzstan.

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