Naryn man is improving his family's living.

Animal husbandry

Kurmanov Yydyrs has been a client of FMFCs Naryn branch since 2012, when he received his first livestock loan in the amount of 20 000 som. Over the next two years he took two additional loans of 20 000 som for livestock.

In 2014, he bought a house in the town of Naryn, since his old house had no access to water and roads. After buying the house, he took a loan from FMFC in the amount of 20 000 soms for some repairs, namely to improve the water supply.

His fifth loan of 60 000 soms was again used for livestock breeding. Kurmanov was able to sell his excess livestock and devote the profits to the purchase of an Audi car, which he uses to provide a taxi service in his spare time. He has achieved a stable cash flow, which enables him to repay every loan without delay, and improve his living conditions by purchasing a new washing machine, TV, refrigerator and other household goods.

In August 2016, at the age of 65 Kurmanov took his most recent loan amounting to 80 000 soms for livestock development. He uses credit responsibly and for its intended purpose. Now he has 20 sheep, 3 cows and 3 horses on the farm. The 3 horses were bought with the help of the last loan.

For much of his life, he has saved for his children and was able to buy them an apartment in Bishkek, as well as a five room lodging, which he rents out and receives monthly income of 20,000 soms. He is now saving for the wedding of his youngest son and spend his income on the needs of his three grandchildren.

The Naryn branch wishes Kurmanova Ydyris health and prosperity and we are glad that our company could make a small contribution to the welfare and success of our borrower.

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