Osh Branch moves to new location

Osh Branch moves to new location

Osh Office at new location. 

Dear clients and friends of the "First MCC", for the sake of informing you that our office in the city of Osh, located at Osh Street, Kurmanzhan Datki, d.211 moved to a new location. Now, our Osh branch is in the same building with the Regional Office of the "First MCC", at the address Osh street. Lenin, d.313.More information about the location of our offices, we can find out on the map of offices, in a special page of our site.

Get a loan quickly and easy in the new office of FMFC.

The new premises for the Osh branch of the FMFC meet all modern standards and allow employees to serve customers quickly and at the highest level. Customers will not experience any inconvenience. Also we remind that the office is open from 8:30 to 17:30 from Monday to Friday. The Branch phone number is +996 3222 7 47 47, our specialists will answer all your questions.


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