“The First MFC” is a member of the Microfinance Centre

“The First MFC” is a member of the Microfinance Centre

“The First MFC” became a member of the Microfinance Centre.

The Microfinance Center (MFC), located in Poland, began its activity at the end of 1997 and unites 113 organizations (including 77 MFIs) across 36 countries of Europe and Central Asia. The MFC members include banks, non-governmental organizations, social and commercial investors, development agencies and international private voluntary organizations.

Within its activities the MFC implements a variety of programs aimed at strengthening the capacity of microfinance organizations - members of the MFC. The mission of the Microfinance Centre mission is to empower individuals and sustain communities through innovative social finance and microfinance.

“The First MFC” promotes responsible finance and reasonable borrowing skills in the most remote regions of Kyrgyzstan, therefore we are happy to join more than 100 leading organizations in the world, striving for excellence in both in financial and social sectors. Being a member of the MFC, we will be able to make a substantial contribution to the development and strengthening of the microfinance sector, which once again confirms our company’s social orientation,” said Chief Operations Officer Rishat Mukhamedzhanov.

The First MFC” actively participated in 22nd annual conference of the MFC “Demystifying digital in microfinance”, which was held on May 29, 2019. The pertinent issues of modern microfinance discussed during the event:

  • Аgile method of working
  • Development of digital competences of personnel
  • Digital experience of clients
  • Noncredit digital products
  • Regulatory issues related to digitization
  • Financial services for migrants
  • Digital tools for improving financial health
  • FinTechs and financial accessibility
  • Development of an ecosystem for micro businesses
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