About Us

In 2003, the Aga Khan MicroFinance Program launched microfinance projects in the remote regions of Osh oblast, which quickly expanded to operate five branches by 2004. In 2005, the program was offered in Naryn oblast, and the First MircroCredit Company (FMCC) was registered in 2006.

In September 2017 the Company transformed into the First MicroFinance Company (FMFC). This transition will allow FMFC to offer an even greater range of products and services to better serve the diverse needs of its clients. As the FMFC continues to grow, it will continue to put client's first, as it has since the beginning.

Over these 15 years, the company has made a steady progress from the Aga Khan MicroFinance Program to successful transformation into one of the largest microfinance organizations in the country with more than KGS 1 billion total assets and a client base of more than 22 thousand people. 

FMFC currently operates 15 branches, 10 in Osh oblast, 3 in Naryn oblast, 1 in Jalal Abad and 1 in Bishkek.